Friday 21 March 2014

Relationship Building 303

So over the last 10 days I must have sent out no fewer than 100 emails and made just as many calls trying to raise funds for the session in L.A.. Since the session is now on hold I feel its important to follow up with all of the people that I approached and thank them for their time. Being a musician my makeup until a little while ago, was to be very closed off and keep to myself. Head down… don't bother me man i'm working.

That just won't do now. Its important I feel to be as open as possible with all of this and to start to build relationships, nurture them honestly and let them grow naturally.

Truth be told, leaving the deal for the session on good terms, I now have a strong relationship with an A&R individual at a major label. As well because of reaching out and following up thanking them for their time, I now have some new connections with a couple of gatekeepers and their respective iconic Canadian singer-songwriters that they represent who they spoke to about me.

I'm still learning though and am keeping myself open and flexible to things as they come at me.

Good Friday to you.


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